We are Passionate About Educating South Africa. 

In times when everybody is pressed for time, and formal education comes with its own time constraints, self-study ensures that one is not under any pressure whatsoever to push oneself. This makes self-study attractive, worthwhile and convenient apart from making it affordable. Indeed, the fact that self-study is relatively cheaper when compared to formal qualification and formal institutionalised learning means that it is also an affordable way of learning that ensures much time and cost savings for the learners.

Be in control of your Studies

iStudyOnline.co.za has specifically being designed to cater for learners who want full control of their study period.

iStudyOnline is a self-study online learning portal for learners who wish to have total control of their studies. This pedagogy allows learners to interact closely with the content by using digital tools to make learning fun.  Learning should be fun, and it’s for this reason why we only find the highest quality and bring it to your device.  

 iStudyOnline has specifically being developed to cater for learners who prefer to self- study and to remove the unwanted expenses. To be clear, iStudyOnline is not a registered tuition provider but rather a supplier of high-quality digital learning tools to simplify your study experience.  Our courses only consist of employer recognised accredited courses which lead to local and international employment opportunities.   


What will I require to start?

Our name says it all “iStudyOnline”. You will require an internet connection for you to access your learning tools. With a web service,  you will never be required to download and install applications, let alone worry about updates. With web-based learning you can access your content form any device at any location with an internet facility.

The benefits of Self-Study

The definition of Self-Study is “the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subject without assistance from a teacher or tutor.” Self-study is extremely valuable to learners who cannot afford to register with a traditional tuition service provider who charges you for services you never hardly require, not forgetting the travel expense saving. That said, self-study is neither location constrained nor time-bound and all you will require is access to a computer/tablet/smartphone linked to a reliable internet source.

Self-study is also important since any learning is effective only when such learning happens from within and not forced due to external circumstances. In other words, self-study is motivated by a desire from within which makes it useful for learners to actualise the drive and the necessary motivation from within so that such learning is enriching.

Apart from this, the luxury of learning at one’s own pace and at a time of choosing means that learners can pick up from where they left off in addition to learning from any device or location that makes such learning a leisurely experience.